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[Detect embezzlement]

How to Detect Embezzlement on the QT     $9.95

How to Detect Embezzlement on the QT" will show you how to access your accounting records and what to look for when you're there.

It explains the accounting discrepancies that indicate embezzlement may be going on and, if so, what they look like and where you're likely to find them. When you know what to look for fraud is easy to find.

Unless some accident exposes your embezzler, the discrepancies you find may be the only way to stop the thefts. And if you find that your suspicions are based on fact, it'll be far easier to enlist the help of your lawyer or CPA.

Also "How to Detect Embezzlement on the QT" describes 19 common embezzlement schemes, the immediate steps you should take "Right Now" to limit your losses and it explains why secrecy is critical to your investigation.

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"Experts" on embezzlement believe you're SCREWED if you have one bookkeeper doing all the accounting functions.

That may be true. Unless your METHODS prevent it, you probably have an ongoing embezzlement, or one waiting to happen.

Methods in the "Anti-Embezzlement Methods for Small (and not so small) Businesses" ebook cover those accounting functions common to every business, focusing on the specific areas where you're most vulnerable to embezzlement. It shows how you can easily limit your vulnerability, or control it absolutely if you wish. And it shows a safer way to hire new accounting personnel, and who could be the least likely to embezzle your funds. The methods are simple, easy to implement, and as theft-proof as YOU make them.

Eventually, if you have stayed in business, you have set up some form of these methods, so do it now, before you're clobbered with huge losses.

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