How Diabetics can cut carbs and eat more

[food fax]

Making your choices according to how the food is prepared can give you a lot more to eat. For instance, a chicken thigh battered and fried contains approximately 7.8 carbs while a roasted thigh has no carbs at all. In other words, you can eat as many roasted thighs as you want with no increase in carbs. One cup raw, peeled cucumber has 2.57 carbs while the same one cup with the peel on has 3.78 carbs. While a fried egg has .38 carbs, the same size egg scrambled has about .50 carbs. 1/2 cup orange sherbet has 22.5 carbs while the same amount of vanilla ice cream has only 15.58 carbs.

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Laid out in line item format, you can see at once everything you need to know: the description of the food, its weight and serving size, method of preparation, and the calories, carbs, protein, fibers and fats that are in it. The foods are listed alphabetically and easy to find. Links make it easy to move around, and you can print out anything you need to take with you to the grocery or restaurant.