multiple personality


As You Desire Me:
the psychology of a multiple personality

by E.T. Aul

Publisher's Comment:

We recommend this book!

Unlike most other books of its genre that all seem to tell the same story, this one stands out by virtue of belonging more to the autobiographical genre than those merely documenting a disfunctionality.Its perspective is not from a therapeutic, psychological point of view, but the real life experience of one living, and trying to understand, her fragmented life.
         It's a powerful and moving story. Readers literally walk in her shoes. One said, "I identified with her from the first page!" And survivors, of all kinds of abuse, will find validation, support and comfort in it.


This is a very valuable book especially because of the perspective taken...(R.A.I.N.B.O.W. BRIDGES)

Review: (TOP rated for books on Dissociation)

Divided into 15 chapters, this is a very personal, detailed account of one woman's life living with multiple personality disorder. Certainly an interesting and insightful journey, this book lets others who also have this problem know they are not alone. Clinicians might enjoy the book from the "other side" perspective. 232 pages. Review at PsychCentral.

Author's Note:

Except for PsychCentral, the psychiatric community has so pointedly ignored this book, it appears they have blacklisted it. I had hoped that in the Open letter to therapists in the Epilogue, the community would see the damaging, far reaching effects of their practices and policies and change them. Instead, they killed the messenger.


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