Contact: (This convoluted manner of giving you our email address is our attempt to keep the data mining companies from adding us to their lists. Thank you for your understanding.)
Primary email address:
Send an email to jhwhite(put the '@' sign here)blarg.net   Copy and paste into the form below.
Email Form: click here
Or by mail: Anita White, POBox 66471, Burien WA 98166-0471
How to order:
We accept PayPal, checks or money orders.
Order By Mail:
Print the Gemstones order form and send with check or money order.
Orders paid by Paypal or money order will be shipped by priority mail with delivery confirmation within three business days of receipt. Orders paid by check will be held until check clears the bank.
If you have included your email address, we will advise you of the shipping date and confirmation number.

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