Your risk for Embezzlement is through the roof!!



*How you are setting yourself up for embezzlement.
*How your Financial Statements hide embezzlement.
*19 Common embezzler tricks and how they work.
*If you're not seeing evidence of embezzlement, why bother to look for it?
*How to make sure you can access your records.
*What to do RIGHT NOW!
*What's so important about keeping your investigation secret?
*What to do now to recover money later.
*Exactly how to access bookkeeping accounts and find what you're looking for.
*How to massage bookkeeping data in excel to reveal vital clues.
*How to check the hard copy files for what IS and is NOT there.
*If your suspicions are confirmed, what to do next, absolutely NOT do?
*Other Risks.
*Prevention METHODS that make embezzlement almost impossible.
*How to Limit your exposure.

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