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How to Pickpocket Proof your shoulder bag

         Are you aware that pickpockets stand just far enough from the ATM to be out of your notice but close enough to see the exact place inside your purse that you put your cash? Using a zippered compartment is no protection; it's as easy for them to open as it is for you. You could try pinning a compartment closed with a safety pin but that's too much trouble to be bothered with. Instead, take an ordinary, straps at the end, shoulder or over-body bag and make it theft proof. I've done it. Easy for me to use; pickpockets watching turned and walked away. This gadget cost two or three dollars to put together, available everywhere, simple. It will work for you as long as you are AWAKE and WEARING YOUR SHOULDER BAG ON YOUR BODY. Free DOWNLOAD

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6 Ways Your eBooks Are Stolen off your website and
     How to STOP IT!

         Imagine this horror story: your system operator gives you a report from your log files that shows your eBooks, hundreds of them, all downloaded for free. It happens!  
         If you are offering ebooks for sale by download directly from your website, there are six easy ways that they are stolen. Using the way browsers access information from websites, thieves can bypass your payment processes completely and download anything they want. You may even be telling them what's there!  
          You can, just as easily, put a stop to it. It's not difficult and, it doesn't require any special skills or html expertise. Anyone can do it. You just need to know how. FREE DOWNLOAD.

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How to Choose a Home Business
     (with a better than average chance of success)

         By far the easiest business for you to go into and probably the most profitable. Includes the Business Plan for Absolute Beginners. FREE DOWNLOAD.




         In "The Law of Attraction" and other books on attracting benefits into your life, the major emphasis is on your thoughts, on thinking correctly and acting in accordance with those thoughts. In contrast, the biblical stories say nothing about thoughts; the words that are spoken have power to generate changes in your life. If you have been disappointed in the results you've been getting, you might want to explore another option. Free download on Biblical.

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Has your gentle cat turned into an angry cougar?

         Your cat may be suffering from constipation. Most cat owners mistake this distress as hairballs and try to relieve it with repeated hairball treatments. That doesn't work, and spending time on it prolongs your cat's suffering. Recommended by a vet, this simple, inexpensive remedy will end your cat's constipation for good and eliminate hairballs, too. Full instructions given in this 1 page PDF article. Free download on Loving.

[dog health]

Do you know what to do when your dog pleads for your help?

         If he follows you around and won't go away. If he sits down right in front of you and stares at your face. If there is nothing obvious wrong, but he's pleading for your help, your dog probably has a stomach ache. This already-in-your-kitchen remedy will relieve your dog's distress almost immediately. Instructions given in this 1 page PDF article. Free download on Loving.



The Organic Way

         Have you thought how easy it would be to quit smoking if you had no addiction to nicotine? You could quit, or not, when and if you chose. It would be entirely up to you. Read this true account of how one person broke their smoking habit the organic way, painlessly, without gum, patches or pills. Download Organic Way.

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