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Trix and Uncle Rascob and their everlasting lives

         As it has done for me, this short story will ease your pain when a beloved pet dies.
         This is not my story. The basic concept comes from those long-ago bedtime stories told by my great-uncle. If they had not been lost from my memory, I would have told them but, since they are, I have created characters and a story line based upon those long forgotten tales. Read more about it here.

[cat health]

Has your gentle cat turned into an angry cougar?

         Your cat may be suffering from constipation. Most cat owners mistake this distress as hairballs and try to relieve it with repeated hairball treatments. That doesn't work, and spending time on it prolongs your cat's suffering. Recommended by a vet, this simple, inexpensive remedy will end your cat's constipation for good and eliminate hairballs, too. Full instructions given in this 1 page PDF article. Free download.

[dog health]

Do you know what to do when your dog pleads for your help?

         If he follows you around and won't go away. If he sits down right in front of you and stares at your face. If there is nothing obvious wrong, but he's pleading for your help, your dog probably has a stomach ache. This already-in-your-kitchen remedy will relieve your dog's distress almost immediately. Instructions given in this 1 page PDF article. Free download.


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