Trix and Uncle Rascob:
A magical story about everlasting life

[Uncle Rascob]  

        As it has done for me, this story will ease your pain when a beloved pet dies.

     When I was little, growing up on the farm in central Missouri, I was very much alone. Outside of the great-aunt and great-uncle who raised me, my only companions were the dog and cats. But each spring we had a new litter of kittens, and playing with them was my joy, the happiness in my life. I loved each one with my whole heart. And every year they died. As each one sickened and then died, my heart broke all over again, time after time. Rocking me to sleep in the big, old rocking chair, my great-uncle told me stories about my lost kittens playing together in a hollow tree deep in our woods. Although I didn't know it then, he was telling me that, while they might be lost to me, they had everlasting life with each other.

     This is not my story. The basic concept comes from those long-ago bedtime stories told by my great-uncle. If they had not been lost from my memory, I would have told them but, since they are, I have created characters and a story line based upon those long forgotten tales.

     Those stories changed my life. And, truth be told, I still believe them today.

     You will never forget this story. It might change your life as well.

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November 15, 1997
You are no longer with me, but you will always have a place in my heart.
Like you were in life, a shadow that followed me, unobtrusive, but always nearby.
You demanded so little, to be noticed, a pat on the head, a walk,
a tidbit from my supper. Your companions in our household have tried to fill
your empty space and their behavior has changed, just a little. The little
grey kittty that hung around the front steps and rushed to make noses with you
whenever you went out was gone the two days you were dying. The day you were
buried it came back for that one day. Then it left again and has never
returned. We miss you. We love you and we'll see you again.


In Loving Memory
You were one of a kind. You will be missed.
October 27, 2002


In Loving Memory
A sweet and gentle companion. You will be missed.
January 2, 2004


D-O-G, please come home.
Disappeared May, 2005
No farewell words were spoken,
no time to say good-bye,
you were gone before we knew it,
and only god knows why.

author unknown


Li'l Kitty
January 10, 2006