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Poisoned by Statins

...called the greatest medical tragedy of our time...

After taking a statin drug for just a few months I was stricken with the most horrific cramps. They seemed to lock up my entire body, leaving me almost screaming in pain. In comparison, ordinary muscle cramps were a walk in the park. The first thing my doctor said was to stop taking the statin drug. My cramps stopped immediately, and I thought that was the end of it.

I was wrong!

Over subsequent months I began to tremble and then to shake, so badly I could no longer write or sign my name. Typing was just barely possible. Walking became increasingly difficult and painful. I was losing my hair and my muscles felt like mush; I had lost much of the strength in my hands and arms. I was so short of breath that just bending over left me gasping for air. Exhausted and, seemingly overnight, I had become incredibly old and frail. With recurring thoughts of "I won't live to see ....." my mental outlook was grim, my thoughts prophetic.

My doctor said he found nothing in the test results to account for the problems I was having. Because of the stress I'd been under I believed it might be anxiety disorder, and he prescribed an anti-depressant. Mentally, I began to feel more hopeful, but, as my physical decline continued, I came to realize that I was in the process of dying. As far as I knew there was no cause, no reason for it, nothing I could do about it. Just in time I received an alternative medicine newsletter in the mail that detailed exactly what was happening to me: statin poisoning - the life-threatening side effects of the statin drug I had taken. And more importantly, what I could do about it!

How could I have known what the pharmaceutical company's innocuous warning "muscle pain and weakness" really meant?

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I have a question. Why is this happening? Why is CoQ10 not prescribed together with statins in this country as it is in other parts of the world? Is there some vast conspiracy in this country to maim and kill us older folk with a poison that masquerades as normal aging and ends with kidney failure, heart attack and death? our memory loss attributed to Alzheimers disease? our muscle deterioration to ALS? Is this some kind of population control measure aimed at seniors? At what point does "death by statin poisoning" become genocide on a massive scale?

In the article "THE ELDERLY HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO DIE" (SENATOR TOM DASCHLE) COALITION FORMED TO KILL OBAMACARE, Tom Daschle at al (D)South Dakota, former Senate Minority Leader, wrote in a 2008 book, "Critical: What We Can Do about the Health-Care Crisis" . . . . The elderly have a responsibility to die, knowing that they are not going to survive their chronic illnesses, so that society can save money and pump funds into care for the younger, more worthy recipients."
Daschle was President Barack Obama's choice to head the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services until he withdrew because of tax problems. Nevertheless, his ideas are found scattered throughout the healthcare bills now circulating on Capitol Hill.
In an article titled "THE HIDDEN ORIGIN OF STATIN DRUGS" by Shane Ellison, NewsWithViews.com, in 2005, he says:
"Utilizing fundamental laboratory research, the discovery and isolation of lovastatin from red yeast rice was paid for by the U.S. government in the 1970s. *2 This secured a monopoly of knowledge, allowing for the censorship of the truth behind the wildly popular cholesterol-lowering drugs." *2 Thompson, Richard. Foundations for blockbuster drugs in federally sponsored research. The FASEB Journal. 2001;15;1671-1676.

Did you get that? According to this article the US government is censoring (officially suppressing) the truth about statins! WHY? To protect their massive license fees? To benefit Big Pharma's bottom line? To tacitly participate in American deaths by withholding governmental protection? Almost certainly but far from the entire case.

Prohibiting doctors from telling the truth about statins is a huge governmental benefit. Not only are they relieved of the responsibility to tell their patients the risks inherent in taking them, the prohibition makes it possible for them to use silence, obfuscation and claims of ignorance to appear innocent of the damage that follows. The prohibition does not, in itself, require that doctors pressure their unsuspecting patients into taking statins. But they are doing exactly that!

Even to the point of ignoring and/or denying clear scientific evidence to the contrary, doctors are, almost en masse, relentlessly pushing statin drugs on their patients. Since statins have been on the market for 27 years, since 1987, it is impossible to believe the same doctors that prescribe the drugs are ignorant of their side and after-effects. So are they telling patients the downside of taking them? No, they are not. And, when those life-threatening after-effects do appear, are they telling their patients the truth about the cause of their problems and how to reverse the symptoms if there is, in fact, still time enough to do it? Almost certainly not! My doctor didn't!

Nobody knocks themselves out to buy statins on the street! They don't make anybody feel good! Some unwilling patients are persuaded by their doctor that a statin drug will protect them from heart attack and stroke. Other patients are persuaded by magazine and TV ads, but, either way, it's the prescription their doctor willingly writes that puts the drugs into their hands. (That patients "demand" it (like a child "demands" to play in traffic) simply doesn't wash!)

And it's not just ANY doctor writing the prescription, it's THEIR doctor! The doctor who knows them personally, whose competence is beyond question, whose sympathy and compassion they've experienced. The doctor who has helped them through times of crisis and pain. The one who would never deliberately harm them, would never deceive them into becoming the instrument of their own suffering and death.

Without question, patient trust is the asset doctors bring to the equation that has made the statin fiasco so successful. Without their active participation, statins would be a non-starter. So why are they betraying that trust?

In light of their Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm", why would doctors do that?

Is it all about the money? In order to recoup their licensing fees, are the pharmaceutical companies kicking back huge amounts of money to health care providers to push their pills, claiming that, by and large, they are beneficial and only a few of us will sicken and die? How would that work? Massive campaigns of dis-information, sales reps, pressure and perks to persuade doctors to cooperate? Research grants? Clinical trials? Data compilation? Direct payments? Travel? Reimbursements? Gifts? Or all the above? See Pfizer's Disclosure of Payments to HCPs frequently asked questions.

Is money enough, or is there more to it than that?

Today, there are two significant types of doctors. Those who are "tolerant" and those who are not. Regardless of how it's defined otherwise, in the medical profession the word "tolerant" indicates a doctor's willingness to accept a patient's input into their own care. Doctors who are not "tolerant" will not deviate from "the party line", the approved medical guidelines, whatever they are at the moment, no matter how right or wrong they have been shown to be.

It is not possible for this writer to know who wrote the "approved cholesterol guidelines" at the NIH (National Institute of Health) but it's a fair guess that many of the doctors and scientists involved had financial ties to Big Pharma. It has been reported that "not everyone's on the take. Dozens of honest doctors and scientists wrote a letter to the NIH to warn against the new guidelines and protest the conflict of interest". Clearly, with Big Pharma largely writing the official guidelines and then rewarding doctors who follow them or, as in the treatment of Lyme Disease, punishing those doctors who don't, it has become truly deadly for patients.

Caught between doctors' greed and/or fear, patients are on their own. Saving their own lives may depend upon finding a doctor who will allow them to take an active part in their own health care. Used as a benchmark, the doctor a patient has, or finds, who is "tolerant" and willing to vary from the official guidelines may be one whose good will and benevolence they can begin to trust. One who takes their Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm" seriously. At least until shown to be otherwise.

Faced with corruption in the NIH, dereliction of duty in the FDA, avaricious drug companies and irresponsibility of some doctors, every patient would be well advised to keep their own written, detailed account of their health care including the drugs prescribed, the following changes in their minds and bodies, what they reported to their doctors and his/her response to it. As statin poisoning, masquerading as normal aging, Alzheimers or ALS, may be the actual cause of heart and kidney failure, muscle deterioration and memory loss, the patient's documentary record may be the only proof their families have should they not survive.

Update: New York Times, Nov 13/2013 New guidelines for cholesterol appears flawed
Update: November 2013. New guidelines for statins expected to double the number of patients already prescribed them, or roughly an additional 33,000,000 patients. More.
In June, 2011, the US Supreme Court in Pliva v. Mensing, No. 09-993, ruled that the makers of generic drugs may not be sued under state law for failing to warn customers about the risks associated with their products.
Update: Jan, 2012. New York Times article reports "U.S. to Force Drug Firms to Report Money Paid to Doctors." (If you have to copy and paste the URL into your browser, it is http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/17/health/policy/us-to-tell-drug-makers-to-disclose-payments-to-doctors.html?pagewanted=1&_r=1&emc=eta1 )

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