What an Identity Thief can do to you

When a thief assumes your identity he or she can then:

1. Get a job in your name. Any claims that you make for unemployment will be denied since records show that you are working.

2. Enable their employer to report income to the IRS under your name, making it appear that you have under-reported your income and owe more taxes. Probably plus interest and penalties.

3. File fraudulent tax returns in your name and get a refund. Your tax return, when it's received by the IRS, is considered a duplicate and disallowed.

4. Get a driver's license with their picture and your name. Fraudulent birth certificates used for this purpose are almost impossible to check since there are 22,000 types of birth certificates issued by 7,000 government agencies.

5. Instruct your credit card company to change your billing address. You don't know about the fraudulent charges since the bills are going to some other address.

6. Max out your cash advance and available credit on your credit cards.

7. Open new credit card accounts in your name. The unpaid bills will show up on your credit report and ruin your credit.

8. Drain your bank and securities accounts by forging your signature, counterfeiting checks or authorizing electronic transfers.

9. Open a new bank account in your name and write bad checks on it.

10. Write bad checks in your name with nothing more than your name, address and telephone number.

11. Rent an apartment in your name.

12. Open accounts with creditors and charge anything they choose in your name.

13. Open phone, wireless and utility accounts in your name.

14. Buy or lease a car by taking out a loan in your name.

15. Buy a house by taking out a mortgage in your name.

16. Transfer your real estate to themselves, mortgage it, take all the cash out and disappear. Or maybe they'll just sell your house right out from under you.

17. Take out a student loan, bank loan or equity loan in your name.

18. File for bankruptcy under your name to avoid paying debts or being evicted.

19. Max out your welfare benefits, hospitalization, insurance, pension, Social Security and Medicare benefits.

20. Give your name during arrest giving you an arrest record. When the perpetrator doesn't show up for court, a warrant for arrest is issued in your name.

21. Go to jail in your name giving you a prison record.

In short, anything you can do with your identification, your good name and good credit, identity thieves can do it also.

If you, or someone you know, has been victimized by an identity thief, check out the Case Management Workbook for simple, easy to use methods to repair the damage to your good name, stop the hemorrhage of money from your bank and securities accounts, repair your credit rating, discharge fraudulent debts and recover some of your losses.