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Monitor: Benefits/Pensions
Monitor: Credit Reports
Monitor: Fraud Alert
Monitor: IRS Tax Records
Monitor: Medical Insurance
Monitor: Medical Records
Monitor: Medical Supplemental Insurance
Monitor: Mortgage Loans
Monitor: On-Line Brokerages
Monitor: Real Estate
Monitor: Social Security

Report: ATM/Debit Stolen
Report: Checks Stolen
Report: Credit Cards Stolen
Report: Electronic Banking Withdrawals
Report: Mail Misdirected or Stolen
Report: Paper Banking Withdrawals
Report: Passport Lost or Stolen

Close: Fraudulent Bank/CU Accounts
Close: Fraudulent Credit Card Accounts
Close: Fraudulent Phone Account
Close: Fraudulent Student Loan
Close: Unused Bank Account

Correct: Fraudulent Bankruptcy
Correct: Fraudulent Credit Card Charges
Correct: Criminal Court Records
Correct: Criminal Warrants
Correct: Credit Reporting Agencys Records

Discharge: Collection Agency Process
Discharge: Creditor Process

Resources: Fair Credit Reporting Act (excerpt)
Resources: Federal Oversight Agencies
Resources: State Attorneys General
Resources: State Banking Commissions
Resources: State Securities Commissions
Resources: U.S Bankruptcy Courts
Resources: Web site URLs for above Resources

Sample: Safer (than the FTC) ID Theft Affidavit
Sample: More pursuasive (than the FTC) Letters

Your: Police Report
Your: Time and Expense

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Download Safer Affidavit
Download FREE page: Track your Credit Cards
Article: What an identity thief can do to you
Why is it so hard to get fraudulent debts discharged?
[90+ Ways]
ISBN 1-889206-36-9
Outwit ID Thieves 90+ Ways
With thieves breaking into your house and your car, stealing your mail, hacking your computer, infecting your email, your social security number and other sensitive information can be online for sale in minutes! ID theft is a PREVENTABLE disaster. With Outwit ID Thieves 90+ Ways you'll learn what you should do, and NOT do, to keep your information secure, where you are most vulnerable, and what tricks and traps to watch out for. Also includes 17 ways to tell if your identity has already been stolen. Updated.

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