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Magical Marketing Strategies for Creating an Endless Stream of New,
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The key to marketing success is simple. Find the right message, use the right media, and deliver it to the right market.   Dan Kennedy

Welcome to The 10 Commandments of Power Positioning! The following report is packed full of powerful marketing secrets that will help you and your business enhance its image and increase its business... Effortlessly! I invite you to come in and enjoy the many strategies it contains. While this report is copyrighted, I give you the permission to print these pages for your own reading convenience. However, please remember that the sensitive information you are about to uncover are considered as trade secrets and provided for your eyes only. They are strictly limited to you and your business.

Nevertheless, I'm positive that these techniques will profoundly impact your results, and I'm not saying this lightly. After 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, and the last 6 years of my career dedicated exclusively to the service and professional industries, these techniques (although applicable to every industry, every product or service, and every profession) can become of an enormous benefit to sales professionals of all types, small to medium-sized businesses, consultants, specialists, and even skilled workers and independent contractors. And thank you for your interest in The Success Doctor®! Any suggestions or comments, especially those I can use in future works? Please e-mail me today!

P.S.: This book contains many examples in order to illustrate how the 10 Commandments can be applied in various situations. Many names have been changed in order to protect the innocent (innocently successful, that is), and others are purely fictional. Similarities were neither implied nor intended. As in all cases, individual results may vary from those depicted. In addition, wherever the neuter is not used in this book, the male gender was used for simplicity sake. Oh, and one final note. I am a business person just like you and not a lawyer by any means. The advice contained in this manual is strictly for educational purposes. Therefore, if you wish to apply ideas contained in this manual, you are taking full responsibility for your actions. I strongly encourage you to first check with the appropriate professional or authoritative body (e.g., lawyer, accountant, agency, etc.) when in doubt. Now, read on!


This small booklet contains The Success Doctor®'s 10 Commandments of Power Positioning, a set of powerfully effective strategies that have made tons of profitable business for many entrepreneurs and professionals like you. These ideas are distilled from my full-day Miracle-Making Marketing® intensive training seminars that have cost some people up to $2495 to learn. They are offered to you here for a much more moderate investment that, if applied properly, will return your investment a thousand times over! You may have purchased this book in order to find enough work for yourself until you've reached a comfortable plateau, or you may be like the many people who want clients to come crashing down their doors. But whether you want a little or a lot of business, these techniques are so simple that they can be easily applied by both of these types of entrepreneurs. In the simplest terms that I can use, these techniques work (and work, and work, and work)!

You're reading from someone who's learned that the hard way. I am (and still am) continually on the frontlines, day after day, doing what most of you are trying to do - and that's getting more business. I have oftentimes failed miserably, but I have also reached many phenomenal successes. And these strategies are but the result of years of wisdom-building, hard-knocking, trial-and-error, fall-flat-on-your-face-and-dust-yourself-off experience. Believe me, they are far from being mere puffery! these techniques are tried and proven, they do, however, require some work on your part. In other words, many of these systems are generic in nature and will require some time and creative effort for their specific application. It is not so much that they are too vague or that they require a lot of investment. These concepts simply are tools to help you build your own unique style and thus create endless streams of new, repeat, and referral business for yourself. They do so because they all come back to one basic, fundamental marketing principle, which is that of positioning power!

Long gone are the days of knocking on – and sometimes down – doors to get business, let alone just to get people's attention. Long gone are the days of using the phone to such an extent that your ear starts to shape itself into a phone's headset. And long gone are the days of bruised knees that came as a result of constantly begging your customers to give you mere table scraps of their business. In short, prospecting is out. Positioning is in. So let's start and get right down to the nitty-gritty. However, before we begin, a warning here is needed. It's been my experience to know that some of you reading this booklet are the kinds of businesspeople who wish to project a certain image about yourselves or about your businesses into the marketplace. More concerned with looking good than making money, your ego may often end up in the way of following these practical steps and, consequently, making the money you truly deserve. As an old mentor of mine used to say, Do you want to be right or do you want to be rich?

Others among you are probably used to traditional, MBA-style, statistical-analytical types of knock-until-you-drop marketing approaches. For you, my techniques may outright rub you the wrong way. I am not implying that they are illegal, aggressive, or denigrating. Far from it. They are, however, practical and terribly effective techniques that are essential to not only survive but also thrive in today's increasingly hypercompetitive marketplace. You want more business, then read on. These techniques will help you do just that in a professional and yet powerful way. Follow the 10 Commandments if you will, but ignore them at your own risk!


Before we begin, you must understand the concept that underlies the commandments that will follow. In today's society, we have experienced 2 major shifts that have revolutionized the entire business landscape. The first and most important one is competition. The mere fact that business is becoming increasingly hypercompetitive is an understatement. Home-based businesses and self-employed professionals are growing at an explosive rate.

This is not a mere trend, since it was the way things used to be up until the 20th century. Whether you were a farmer, a blacksmith, or a storekeeper, everybody was an entrepreneur in those days. But when the industrial age took over the agrarian age, more and more people started to rely on full-time, permanent, secure, pension-oriented jobs. Today, those things have become mere antiques! For instance, in the 40's people held on average 2 jobs during their entire lifetimes. But today, that number has risen to 14 and still growing. The home-based business boom is far from being just a boom. And the reason for this stems from the second shift that has taken place, which is information. Along with the eruption in multi-channel broadcasting, digital technology, and cellular telecommunications, the Internet is skyrocketing in population with every single hour! The ability to retrieve information in nanosecond speed has caused entire layers of middle managers from huge corporations to fall the way of the dinosaurs. Snail mail and high-traffic shopping malls are also on the brink of becoming extinct. The information age notwithstanding, with more and more employers facing disgruntled employees in today's highly litigious atmosphere, jobs are soon becoming things of the past. So what does all this mean? It means that, for a person or business to be able to be and remain in business, marketing strategies must be such that it places that person or business at the top of prospects' minds at all times. It is not so much to look for more business but to be the business of choice. For every category of business that exists out there, there are thousands of competitors fighting for the same market. And since the information revolution has helped to educate people on what's available, there's really no longer a need to prospect for and persuade people in order to have them buy into an idea.

The goal, nowadays, is to be the one that they choose to buy from or do business with amongst all other possibilities. Marketing, therefore, must be such that, if and when a prospect needs a particular product or service, one's firm comes to their minds in an instant. In other words, positioning is a process by which a psychological anchor has been placed into the minds of prospects so that they come to choose one specific person or company over another. Top-of-Mind Awareness is a term originally coined by Ellis Verdi, the once president of the National Retail Advertisers Council and owner of a prestigious marketing and advertising agency in New York. He said that what most people wrongfully seek to accomplish in their promotional efforts is to get cashflow and not results. And they usually accomplish this by offering sales, promotions, discounts, and price reductions. As he said at a recent conference, Discounting is like a drug. It brings in some business, and for some it may even bring in a lot of business. But the effect usually wears off and the company will soon find itself with the need to discount further in order to create more business let alone to stay in it.

Top-of-mind awareness, however, is such that with it there is no need to use price-based promotional methods. What it does is 2 things. 1) It psychologically impacts people so that the mere mention and knowledge of one's company or service inherently creates a need for them. And 2) it places one at the top of the market's consciousness so that one is instantly chosen when people want what that person or firm has to offer. This is therefore a result of creating that top-of-mind awareness. The following 10 Commandments of Power Positioning all reflect this powerful concept, a concept so simple and yet remarkably more effective, more affordable, and, of course, more effortless than any other marketing strategy devised.

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