Is your ad copy letting you down?

Is there something about it that is driving buyers away,
costing you sales and wasting your advertising dollars?

Ad copy with word mistakes will sabotage your ad
and kill your sales stone cold dead!

I don't know what it is, but there is something psychologically disturbing about word mistakes. Years ago, when a brand new self-service laundry came to our town, I didn't go there because their big lighted sign out front read "Laudnry". It was a simple mistake, but it was disturbing.

And ads with sound-alike word mistakes, mis-using one word for another that sounds just like it, can be profoundly disturbing to readers. It offends them so deeply that they discredit the ad, the product AND the writer. For the ad copy to make any sense, the reader is "forced" to translate the words written into what the writer "meant" to say. This mistake destroys every bit of the emotional connection the writer was trying to create and, at the very best, turns prospective buyers off. At the worst, it makes them angry.

What exactly ARE sound-alike words?

Sound-alike words are those two or three words that sound exactly the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Independent of meaning (the context in which it's being used), the spelling is often the WRONG word. Put another way, the word you spelled means something entirely different from what you intended to say.

These are a different kind of words, homophones, and they cannot be sounded out.

No one is aware of these errors in their own writing (otherwise they'd correct them).

And spell-checkers don't catch them because the WRONG words are spelled correctly.

The "WRITE LIST of WRONG WORDS" lists 49 sets of the worst offenders right up front with 700 or so to follow. Laid out in spreadsheet format, and listed alphabetically by the way they sound, every word is fast and easy to find along with definitions and examples of its use.

So, to avoid making sound-alike word mistakes, write your ad copy first in a text editor, run the spell checker and then, quickly scan through the 49 worst offenders in the "WRITE LIST of WRONG WORDS" that you can order below. Without having to memorize any of the sound-alike words, your ad can be error-free in probably. . . . . less than 49 seconds.

(For International buyers: With wide latitude given for regional pronunciation, all words are Americanized English language words, with the meaning, spelling, and usage of the words as they are commonly understood, written and used in the United States. (The title word "WRITE" is a an intentional substitution for the sound-alike word "right".))


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