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Power of Words

The Power of Words

How Fallacies Influence & Manipulate

Invisible, contrived with purpose to change another's thoughts, beliefs and actions, the words virtually force you to agree with the user's point of view, give them what they want, do what they ask and buy what they are selling. Their words are so reasonable, so logical, so believable that your agreement is almost automatic.

Why exactly are words so powerful?

The words are emotional hooks. Their enormous power lies in what the words MEAN to the person who hears them. They trigger concepts, ideas, memories, situations, circumstances, actions, thoughts and feelings from one's subconscious mind into corresponding emotional responses toward the subject at hand. These emotional hooks have been defined as fallacies because they are misleading and deceptive, and decisions based on them are probably NOT based on truth, common sense, logic, legality, one's best interests or right and wrong.

In the matter of emotional hooks, most people have been left to fend for themselves. Except in the most egregious cases, they are unaware of the ordinary, everyday ways they've been influenced and manipulated. Except for the "feeling" that they've been had, they have no way of actually knowing what's happened to them. Not normally taught in middle or high school, the fallacies are not a part of the general knowledge base. To have learned about them at all, it's probably been in a college course or one of the professions where the fallacies are considered BASIC TRAINING.

There are more than thirty of them. "The Power of Words" details each of these fallacies and shows you what they are, how they work, and how they are designed to influence and manipulate. Like slight-of-hand tricks seen in slow motion, you'll recognize them when you see them again. Knowing them to be manipulations, they will be powerless to move you.

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