Power of Words in Relationships

power of words

Others get what they want and you don't.

Their reasons always seem better than yours.

You feel compelled to give in and let them have their way.

You feel denigrated, put-down and defenseless.

Shamed, you can't even talk about it.

You've come to believe that you don't count.

If others seem to have some kind of invisible advantage over you then you're being tricked by one or more of the fallacies, perhaps the one below:


Appeal to pity. This argument appeals to feelings of sympathy, pity and compassion. It also appeals to the ideals of fairness, to support for the under dog. Children are masters of this one. Their "Pleaseeeee" will get them almost anything from loving parents who feel heartless if they don't give in. Often, between men and women, the appeal is to compassion, and guilt, for the wounded egos and hurt feelings which will result from being denied. All charities appeal to feelings of pity, sympathy and compassion for those in desperate circumstances and to one's desires to help and/or guilt for not doing do. This appeal is also used by those who assert past abuses and claim special treatment to make up for them.


There are more than 30 of these emotional juggernauts. Each one of them has a name and is crafted for a specific purpose. They trigger your emotions with reasons and logic so compelling, so powerful that they virtually force you to change your opinions, your beliefs and your behavior to comply with what others want.
"The Power of Words" makes them visible, shows what they are, how they work, and how they are used. Like seeing slight-of-hand tricks in slow motion, you'll know them when you see them again, and they won't move you any longer. . . . unless you want them to.

power of words

You'll experience other benefits, too.

Your self-confidence and your self-esteem will improve dramatically.

You'll see yourself on a level playing field with the people around you.

You won't feel trapped by their demands, wishes, desires, requests.....

You can become more assertive without feeling guilty,

and you can start getting what YOU want.

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